How dangerous is food?

By Catherine

Recently I thought a lot about the food we eat. How dangerous is it? Things that was good for us a few years back, are suddenly disastrous and vice versa. Now the mighty antioxidants have fallen. These miraculous little things that could save us from everything dangerous have a back side; they also boost cancer cells.

I have a friend who used to drink large quantities of green tea, just for the antioxidants; she doesn’t even like it. She drinks it because she believes in its benefits. She is battling cancer, it has spread twice and I can’t help thinking if the antioxidants play a part of it.

A cousin of mine recently had a heart attack. He doesn’t eat sugar or red meat. He always exercises and he hasn’t an ounce of fat on his body. He doesn’t drink and he have never smoked, but he ended up with a heart attack. He told me afterwards that the only thought he had in the ambulance was; How could this happen to me? I don’t do anything wrong?

What about all the other stuff. The chemicals that substitutes sugar, that gives substance to your non-fat yoghurt and the preservatives

I couldn’t help thinking; what about all the other stuff. The chemicals that substitutes sugar, the chemicals that gives substance to your non-fat yoghurt and the preservatives that’s far away from natural ingredients. I don’t claim to have the right answers, but I do believe in natural food. We eat bacon, but bacon that’s actually smoked and not infused with smoke aroma. We don’t usually eat any fat on our sandwiches, but if we do we use real butter or mayo (made from real eggs) and muster. The list goes on and in my fridge you find not only butter and bacon, but full fat milk, chesses that has its natural preservatives, homemade jam with real sugar; but also a lot of veggies grown without pesticides and without modified genes.

We eat a lot of stuff that you are not supposed to eat if you listen to the health advice, like red meat and full fat products; but we do it with modesty, variety and portion control. My husband and I are no health freaks and exercise when we remember to. We eat fast food now and then and barbecue as often as we can. None of us have high cholesterol, sugar levels or blood fat. So I can’t help wondering how dangerous our food really is? How can my levels be perfect and my cousins of the chart when he is the one following all the advice?

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